Waiting Outside The Lines
- Greyson Chance
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Waiting outside the lines.
top ▲ | add + | 0 comment(s) | Tuesday, June 7, 2011 @ 3:27 PM

Uh, well. Now that I've started typing, I'm at a loss for words. Meh. Life's been okay-ish I guess, had my ups and downs. Recently met a Tagged friend few days ago, and I just realised he's the only person I've meet in real life for Meet Me, LMAO. But of course I don't meet people just like that, blindly. I guess I've known him for a few months now, and we were always planning for a meet up. But it always fails OTL

Mm, well, we suggested his house as planned, and he had to sneak me in due to reasons(laughs). I was kinda excited to get into a guy's room (lmao dont ask me idk why), but found out that it was too neat for my taste >_> AND IT WAS SO SMALL HOLY SHIT. So that we had to actually sit on his bed, KYAHA. But it was nice, OH AND DID I MENTION HOW SOFT HIS BOLSTER WAS? I WANTED TO TAKE IT HOME ASDFGHJKL ;A; Oh and I got hugs :D (loves hugs just like nii-chan) SHALL NOT TELL YOU THE WHOLE STORY UFUFU. MATANE MINNA-SAN ♥

you're so close, yet completely out of reach.

Bye for now.
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Everything comes with a price.
top ▲ | add + | 0 comment(s) | Sunday, March 20, 2011 @ 7:01 PM
Hai everyone.

S'been a long time since I posted. Hafta say that sec 4 is really tough, with SYF and such compiling up along with it. Hafta say that I get really stressed out with everything too.

Take the chemistry supplementry I had during this week for example. It went along well, until the teacher just had to ask me to answer a question. I knew the answer, really. But they just had to whisper me the answer so obviously loud. Not that I'm blaming them or anything, they were just trying to help me. But the thing is, I did not seek help from them. I did not turn my head towards them with a help me look on my face. I just needed some time to process the question and recall. I really just wanted to tell the teacher that I'm not gonna answer the question, since they already did. But I couldn't. My mouth just made up a stupid excuse saying that I had forgotten how to. I was angry at myself. It has always been like that. They are always 'helping' me even though I never asked. It was frustrating.

So frustrating I could cry.

Life has to suck sometimes.

Chinese new year.
top ▲ | add + | 0 comment(s) | Thursday, February 3, 2011 @ 10:10 PM
Hm, so. I spent my morning and afternoon visiting homes o: I'm really lazy to type out the details so I'll just say that I got alot of ang paos :3 And also one from my neighbour, HEEHEE. Ah, and now I'm happily spending the night reading yaoi mangas -w- Yes, I'm a proud yaoi fan, deal with it.

Oh and did I mention, mummy gave me 100 dollars in my ang pao, and I was like, "Mummy, you DA BEST!" HAHA.
Ahh, Wataru and Maya are such a cute couple -w-

arrivederci, tesoro
top ▲ | add + | 1 comment(s) | Wednesday, January 19, 2011 @ 3:42 PM
I've already decided not to be weak anymore, so I'm gonna fight through this pain.

Someday the past will go away as the seasons change.